Principal's Greeting


Our theme this year is “Call to Family, Community and Participation”.  This year is a bit unique due to COVID-19.  We are on a pause with all extra curricular events but once that is lifted we offer a variety for students to participate in.  Besides our school work, we have a variety of activities that students can participate in, such as sports teams, leadership, robotics, choir, book clubs, cooking club, green team, volunteer club and yearbook.  As we go about our day we keep our division theme in the forefront of our thoughts in how we work and play together.  Without the commitment and dedication of each member of our school community, these diverse events would not be possible. 
We are also very fortunate to have Church of Our Lady Parish and Father Leonardo right next door.  Our students have the opportunity to become a part of the COOL community by joining in liturgical celebrations and reconciliation.  We use the church as an extension of our school.  Our Catholic faith is very important to us at St. Mary’s and we feel extremely lucky to have the support of our Parish and Father Leonardo.
It is a privilege to serve as the principal of St. Mary Catholic School.  Thank you for choosing our school and entrusting your children’s academic and faith journey to us!  We look forward to many opportunities for us to work together throughout the school year!
Gail Cyrenne